All That We May Be

The All That We May Be programme builds on the insights of the four-day Discovery of Will, developing over the course of a year through a series of monthly standalone seminars. This course in personal development is designed to help ground and resource individuals, in Gandhi’s words to “be the change you wish to see in the world". We anticipate that having experienced The Discovery of Will, many will want to integrate and deepen their learning through the year-long All That We May Be programme.

All That We May Be provides participants with the chance to increase their understanding of psychosynthesis theory and the psychospiritual journey through direct, embodied experience. Participants learn to undertake a depth of self-exploration, examine how they navigate relationship and contemplate their inner experience, including an analysis of earlier life experiences and their impact on the present moment. 

The longer programme structure allows a rich network of relationships to grow, and since participants have the opportunity to get to know their fellow travellors and establish their place in the group, safety and trust are able to develop. This enables the group setting itself to become a potent container in which people share their learnings and discover themselves through the ‘mirrors’ offered by others. Through this productive, yet careful process, participants gain a fuller understanding of how aspects of personal and collective identity interact, and how they can better manage and align with these dynamics.

The All That We May Be programme is aimed at people who want to participate in life more fully and direct their being in the service of positive change. It is for those who feel called to make a difference, whether through leadership and/or by example, such as artists, community leaders and others drawn to social action, while similarly supporting those heeding callings closer to home, in areas such as by parenting, partnering, fostering, adoption or counselling. 

Programme Structure

The programme is spread over one year with nine x 2.5-day weekends (Fri-Sun) and one 5-day residential. Commencing in September, the programme is structured (one weekend per month) over 9 weekends and concludes with a 5-day residential retreat; a format that provides an opportunity for participants to study the holistic psychology of psychosynthesis in an accessible learning structure while maintaining existing work and family commitments.

Main topics

  • Integration and Subpersonalities
  • The 'I' and the Sense of Identity
  • Childhood and the Unconscious
  • The Body
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • The Creative Use of Pain, Crisis and Failure
  • Self-Realisation and Psychological Disturbances
  • The Cultivation of the Will
  • Interpersonal Psychosynthesis
  • Principles and Practice of Meditation
  • Active Listening and Basic Counselling Skills
  • The Will and Creative Expression
  • Identity and Personal Freedom

What We May Be is structured so that each weekend builds on the preceding weekend while being a coherent experience in itself. The psycho-spiritual context of psychosynthesis provide the overarching frame for the trajectory of the year and its journey of soulmaking. Modules within this programme draw on a variety of experiential learning techniques, including reflective mediation, guided imagery, volition, creative imagination and archetypal expression.

Each 2 and a half-day weekend modules will take place from Friday to Sunday at the Wild Goose Space at the Yard, Mina Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9YP on the following dates in 2020:

Weekend dates


Weekend 1: 13-15 September

Weekend 2: 19-20 October

Weekend 3: 16-17 November


Weekend 4: 3-5 January

Weekend 5: 14-16 February

Weekend 6: 6-8 March

Weekend 7: April 10-12

Weekend 9: May 15-17

5-day residential. June 20-21

Weekend format

  • Friday 6.45–9.45pm
  • Saturday 9.00am–6.30pm
  • Sunday 10.00am–2.30pm
Self and the Seasons

The year-long programme offers a course of personal development in psychosynthesis grounded in ecopsychology. We will explore our place among complex adaptive systems as the focus for Friday evenings of each weekend. 

While focus will be on the personality and developmental transitions, this is always viewed from a wider context that is transpersonal, existential and ultimately spiritual.

The Inner Journey

Major areas covered are the process and skill of disidentification: holding a point of tension with physical, emotional and mental process; boundaries and developing and protecting psychic space; integrating parts of the personality and needs; utilising the create energies of love and power; and using transforming systems in the psyche.

Will and Motivation

This course explores the nature of Will. As participants deepen their experience of Will, they become more in charge of their lives. This is not through the illusion of being control, but by becoming more able to respond to life, even when it is wounding, dark and difficult. Development and expression of personal Will is first focused on, then alignment and surrender to Transpersonal Will.

Right relations

The right relations module provides a practical course in relational interaction that provides a context for individuals to explore intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics in action. It is a relatively unstructured day each weekend. The reflective keynote is opportunity – to experiment and play, to break habitual patterns of interaction, which may no longer be appropriate, and to take risks.

Rhythms and Crises of Self-Realization

This residential intensive is essentially a time of retreat. It is a time to focus on the depths and heights of the journey of Self-Realisation. The profound rhythms of living and dying, death and rebirth are entered into and anchored in each person’s unique experience. Participants learn how to co-operate more consciously with their process of soul-making, which also paradoxically involves surrendering to the unknown and acknowledging the mystery of life. This retreat is also about completion and endings as the group’s year-long journey comes full circle.

Cost and application

Fees are £2995, this includes, all teaching, tutoring and materials.  

Payment can be made in instalments by arrangement.

Please download an application form here.